Achievant Accelerator Bootcamp

100-Day Short Term Massive Action

Group Coaching Program

Shift your life and business into high gear!

Do you feel like this?

"I have big goals, but I never seem to be able to reach them"

You get excited at the beginning of the month and lose steam as the days and weeks slip away.

"I plan out my day and might get one or two of the things done, but I never actually follow the plan I create, sometimes it's just too much!"

You've heard about time blocking and how important it is but are frustrated with how rigid and unrealistic it feels.

"I can't focus on what I need to do, there's always an emergency and somebody needs something from me that stops me from doing what I need to do."

You've tried to create boundaries, but there's always an emergency or something that's more urgent you have to do, stealing your time.

"I want to grow my business and have a few really good relationships but I'm not seeing the quality referrals that I'd like to get."

You don't have the time to do hours and hours of networking or have the money to pay for expensive advertising, but you want your business to grow.

What if?

What if you had a something that could show you an attractive way to get a hold of your time, build your network with quality connections, and hear your perfect client say they want to hire you over and over again? What if you had a proven program that could help you:

  • Work when you feel the most energized and maximize your time.

  • Create unstoppable momentum, more life balance, more business, and more money than ever before (and you ever thought possible!).

  • Empower you to grow your business with the systems and tools to do it over and over again.

What people are saying:

"This bootcamp motivated me to double my revenue and hire a part-time employee. I also reduced my business debt by 80% with a 60% increase in cash flow. I now have the confidence to go after new work and can handle the growth!"

Beth S., Bookkeeper, Soloprenuer and Real Estate Investor

"I came into this wanting to focus on my business to hit $3M in production in 100 days and to get my house in order to create a bedroom for my granddaughter. Not only was I able to create a beautiful room for her, I also hit OVER $3M!

Jeanne W., Mortgage Originator

"I had big goals to quadruple my monthly revenue and add 2 new associates to my team. Not only did I reach my goal, I am also getting a promotion to VP and an additional $10K in company stock! I'm so glad I found this bootcamp."

Kathleen M., Financial and Insurance Advisor

How does it work?

  1. You decide on 1 personal goal and 2 professional goals you want to accomplish.

  2. You answer the Achievant Accelerator Bootcamp STMA Questions, complete the pre-start checklist, and create your draft 100-Day Action Plan.

  3. You meet with your coach to review your Questions and Action Plan prior to the Day 1 Coaching Session. First meeting includes review of goals and desired outcomes, including your shiny new 100-Day Action Plan. We will determine what you see as the strengths and weaknesses of your current functioning and preliminarily work through the objectives as starting point.

  4. You will have on-going bi-weekly Zoom group coaching sessions including: (a) Six pre-scheduled coaching calls 90 minutes in duration and additional calls as necessary and (b) additional support through email, mail, text, Voxer, etc. Your coach will periodically check-in and send additional information to support the work you are doing.

  5. Be assigned to a small accountability group to encourage each other and add continous motivation and grow lasting relationships.

  6. BONUS: Access to the Make Monday AWESOME Call: Mondays at 12pm to jump start each week.

When does it start?

Tuesday, July 2nd from 11:30-1pm and will meet every other Tuesday at that same time until October 15th.

How much is the investment?

The Achievant Accelerator Bootcamp is $3750.00.

If you pay in full, you will receive a 10% discount for a total of $3375.

You can break it down into 4 monthly payments of $937.50 or 6 monthly payments of $687.50.

If you're ready to go, complete the information below.

BONUS: If you want others to join in the journey with you, receive a 10% discount for each referral!

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