Achievement Accelerator Bootcamp

100-Day Group Coaching Program for Accelerated Success

Be a better YOU in a little over 3 months


  • Identify your Point A – where you are now, and your Point B – where you want to go and the results you want to create.

  • Step up your level of intensity, intention, attention to detail, and sense of urgency.

  • Work smarter, not harder.

  • Create unstoppable momentum, more life balance, more business, and more money than ever before (and you ever thought possible!).

  • Get and stay on track.

  • Maintain integrity, balance, and fulfillment

  • Be the difference between mediocre and fabulous!


  • To identify time challenges and drains -- facilitate time maximization

  • To sharpen individual vision, goals and action steps for top performance

  • To establish criteria for maximum performance and maximize work effort

  • To determine and reach specific goals and objectives identified by you

  • To identify current opportunities and create a tangible action plan capitalizing on them, as well as shortening your sales cycle by creating traction and momentum within the 100 days

  • To implement systems and processes, including methods of accountability

  • To facilitate maximum communication both personally and professionally

  • To determine the effectiveness and efficiency of your daily personal and professional environment and maximize optimal results

  • Finally, to make sure you're having a blast in the process!


  1. Pre-Launch: Make the commitment (sign the Agreement, pick your Day 1, and attend the scheduled eight meetings over 100 Days). Review the Achievement Accelerator Bootcamp Manual and answer the Achievement Accelerator Bootcamp Questions, complete pre-start checklist, and create your 100-Day Action Plan.

  2. Discovery Phase – Coach reviews your Questions and Action Plan prior to Day 1 Coaching Session. First meeting includes review of goals and desired outcomes, including your shiny new 100-Day Action Plan. We will determine what you see as the strengths and weaknesses of your current functioning and preliminarily work through the objectives as starting point, leading to …

  3. On-going bi-weekly phone coaching sessions including: (a) Six pre-scheduled coaching calls 90 minutes in duration and additional calls as necessary and (b) Additional support through email, mail, text, etc. I will periodically check-in and send additional information to support the work you are doing, which will culminate in …

  4. Our Day 100 of 100 Coaching Session. This is our Review and Celebration of the past 100 Days. We will discuss what’s next for you and how you continue the momentum you’ve created.

  5. BONUS: Access to Make Monday AWESOME Call: Mondays at 12pm

INVESTMENT: 4 monthly payments of $937.50 for a total investment of $3750.00

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